A Compressed Air Car on the verge of production?

Dear Friend:

I first told you about this cool compressed air car in my newsletter on the cars of tomorrow. Well... tomorrow is now today and I was just checking up on them to see if anything had come of it. I see so many "inventions" or claims of free energy and 99% of them turn out to be duds or outright scams and they never come to market.

Update & Warning: While Tata Motors seems like a legit company, they are not in production of any of these vehicles yet. The problem is they are taking "reservation payments" and they have been delaying production for 10+ years now. This is a huge RED FLAG of a possible scam. Just be careful. I wouldn't send them any investment money or prepayments of any kind. Wait until you can go to a showroom, pay your money, and recieve your product.

The Tesla Roadster company has since gone public and their stock is pretty much going sideways although a quick look today showed they were up 16% today. Not too bad! The Chevy Volt is in production and is currently the most fuel efficient production vehicle in the USA. I think they stole that on board battery charging idea from me though as that's the same exact power system I have been promoting since 2004 in my book Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it.

The advantages I see for this technology include...

  • Low cost for the car and to run it
  • About 117 MPG
  • Low Emissions (or zero emissions)
  • No need for batteries - that's the biggest problem with electric vehicles

Here's a CNN video on the Compressed Air Car...

Here's another Youtube Video of the Compressed Air Car too...

Look for a compressed air car in your town in the near future! For more information, visit MDI Enterprises website!


Bill Anderson