The Credit Bubble will make the Real Estate Bubble look like a Walk in the Park...

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I originally wrote this in June 2009 - I'm pretty surprised that this hasn't happened yet, but the experts I listen to say it is a 100% certainty that it will happen sooner or later. Credit cards are being handed out to anybody who applies like candy on Halloween (sound familiar?) bubble

In a previous newsletter back when this whole real estate and economy mess was unraveling, I posed the question..."Why do I get the distinct feeling that I have been robbed?"  That was back in October 2008. Now... I'm pretty sure we have all been robbed!

If you think that those Bankers, Wall Street Executives, Insurance Company CEOs, Real Estate Lenders, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Federal Reserve Chiefs, and most Government Officials did NOT know exactly what they were doing... then I have some swamp land down in South Georgia I'd like to sell you!

These guys and gals intentionally orchestrated the biggest ponzi scheme in history. It makes Bernie Madoff's scheme look like child's play. It's even bigger than the ponzi scheme that drove Iceland into bankruptcy. To read more about that, click here: Iceland Scam. It's a very interesting multi-page article on how a few young punks took over the banking system of an entire country. They made bad and even outright fictitious loans just to make their banks look better on the books. They were thus able to justify large bonuses to themselves. Their depositors and investors even made money "for a while". Everyone was happy in Iceland until it all came crumbling down.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you do nothing else, watch this video of Bill Moyers at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) interviewing William Black, author of "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One". Mr. Black was a tough regulator back during the savings and loan crisis in the 80's. He explains exactly how this current crisis was a deliberate act of deceit by the people involved. The video can be watched here: Bill Moyers video.

What I find so unbelievable is the ability of the government to "ask" the media to keep all this "hush hush". I have always known that modern news channels and the daily national news at 6:30 PM is liberal biased and they do not simply report news. They in fact report the news that they want you to hear and not an unbiased simple reporting of the news. Fox News Channel is a little better, but they are not perfect either. Just as an example, it amazed me that 300,000 people marched on Washington in January 2009 for a Pro Life march, but most people sitting at home watching TV never knew about it because all the major news channels blacked it out.

So... do you think something bad could be about to happen in this Country and you are not being told about it? Are they trying to keep you from panicking? Is it for your own good? Or are they trying to cover their own asses? You know... that's a sure sign of a ponzi scheme when you find out that lies are being told to keep everybody "happy". When the victims figure it out and start screaming for their money back - it's too late.

The next bubble...

There's a bubble about to burst that is going to make this real estate bubble look like a children's tea party. It's the credit bubble. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the Federal Reserve is buying up most of the Treasury Bonds these days? Hmmm... that's sort of like loaning myself money. How does that work?! The answer is - it doesn't! And it's going to come back and bite them in the ass sooner or later in the form of a credit bubble bursting. Just think of all these institutions that rely on credit... the government, the states, other Countries, businesses, banks, etc. When the people find out that all this debt is just a big gigantic ponzi scheme with no way of ever being paid back, there's gonna be hell to pay.

I really can't believe that the "people" are just sitting back and taking all this as if it's "not their problem". Well... who do you think is the victim of this ponzi scheme?... that's right! The good old taxpayer. The CEOs and government officials are stuffing their pockets with cash while you are stuck with the bill. Trust me, they may not raise your income taxes, but your overall taxes will go up. They have to raise something to pay for all this mess... gas taxes, cigarette taxes, real estate taxes, taxes for this, taxes for that, and on and on and on. All the while, you'll see services go down. And when everyone realizes that it just can't be paid back no matter how much of our money they steal, it will all come tumbling down... the credit bubble will burst . For additional reading, this is an interesting article by Doug Noland on the credit bubble: click here.

Loans are set up for certain failure to start with. All money comes from the Federal Reserve Bank. So, at any one time, there's only a certain amount of money in circulation. Let's keep it simple and say you have a bank and three borrowers. Each borrows $100 and agrees to pay it back in one year at a 10% annual interest rate. So... there's only $300 in circulation - right?. Yet the borrowers have to pay back a total of $330. What's wrong with this picture? Somebody will not be able to pay back their loan!

Why do we take it?

If people knew the whole truth, they would start tar and feathering the people responsible tomorrow. I really think that we are being poisoned with fluoride in our drinking water. Did you know that the Germans and Russians used fluoride to keep prisoners of war stupid and docile? Can you think of anything else that is "good for you" that the government forces you to drink? How about vitamin C or Vitamin E. What's better for you, fluoride (rat poison) or vitamin C? It just does not make any sense at all. Did you know that if you ingested 1/5 of an ounce of sodium fluoride, it probably would kill you? Yet you drink the stuff every day!

My advice to you is the same as the last few years... get as self-sufficient as possible now while you still can (before the next bubble bursts). You can start by securing your supply of electricity. Get "Electricity - Make it, Don't Buy it" today. The book contains a lot of passive solar heating and cooling information too. There's a whole chapter on methane and biodiesel. For all the details, click here: Electricity Book.


Bill Anderson