Biodiesel Producer - D1 Oils

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Update: D1 plc may be called Neos Resources plc now. After a short partnership with BP around 2009 they split up and it seems they renamed to Neos. Neos seems to be dissolved. There was also a problem with jatropha propagated by seed in India where the trees did not produce as much oil as before. In countries such as South Africa, there is an outright ban on jatropha. So... DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGANCE!d1 oils

This month, I'm going to quickly tell you about a company called D1 Oils - a London based biodiesel company. This company is preparing for the future demand for biodiesel by planting huge tracts of land with jatropha trees (see  May's newsletter). They have also developed a modular biodiesel processor. This is from their web site at ...

D1's modular biodiesel processor, the D1 20, is designed to produce 8,000 tonnes per year of biodiesel, or 22,000 litres per day with 90% utilisation.

The D1 20 is both designed and built in the UK.  The result of several years of research and development, the D1 20 employs proprietary systems for biodiesel production.  

The D1 20 is an economic, small scale biodiesel refinery that:

  • is self contained, compact and portable
  • operates a continuous refining process
  • recycles inputs
  • operates at a lower temperature and pressure than other biodiesel refineries
  • minimises harmful emissions
  • uses few natural resources and consumes negligible amounts of water
  • may be adapted to process a variety of vegetable oils


Bill Anderson