Scams to avoid like Dennis Lee Scam and Hydro Boost Scam...

Dear Friend:

I want to tell you about a couple of scams that I find sort of humorous. The first is an obvious scam selling a hydrogen boost system called HAFC (Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell). The other thing they are selling on that no scamspage does not even exist yet... PICC (Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter). Folks... if someone is selling a free energy device or any alternative energy device that is not even in production yet, RUN FOR THE HILLS! It's a scam! Period. End of discussion. These people make promises and usually ask for money in some form or another and they never ever come out with the product that you can buy. Now some of them may not ask for money directly, but they are receiving some form of compensation in the form of free publicity or just stupid people that will send them money without them even asking for it. Don't be one of them!

DO NOT send them ANY Money!

I have researched these hydro boost things and they do not work. They even did an episode on the popular Discovery Channel show Myth Busters on hydrogen boosters and they completely declared it "busted". The hydrogen boost system they built actually reduced their MPG! On this web site, they have the balls to claim that their hydro boost system will increase your MPG anywhere from 50% to 261%. This is a boldface lie. Do not believe it. DO NOT send them any money. These things do not work. (Note: if any of you believe that a simple hydrogen boost injecting a tiny amount of hydrogen into your engine will increase your MPG 150%, please get in touch with me because I have some swamp land down in Florida I want to sell you.) 

This next person I'm going to tell you about is a new twist on an old face... the famous scammer Dennis Lee has reappeared at Better World Technologies. I was really surprised to see him again since he has been in trouble with the law many times over the past 10 years. I thought he was in jail or at least had learned his lesson. I think the only lesson he has learned is that there is an unlimited supply of stupid people out there who will believe this trash. Please, please, please do not be one of them! What is extremely unbelievable about this video is that he claims to be a "Christian" now and he even says up front in his video, "if you are not a Christian, stop watching this video now". I guess he thinks Christians are a bunch of suckers! It's a slick video too - what I don't understand is where does he get those stupid actors from that stand right there in front of the camera and spew out their boldface lies. They must be completely devoid of any morals to do something like that.

Do I even need to say this again?!... DO NOT send them any money! This is a scam. Dennis Lee is the biggest scammer that ever walked the face of the Earth. I tell you about him so you can see an example of the many scams that are out there that prey on stupid people and the "promise" of free energy. Dennis Lee has been promising free energy for the past 10 years... it's never going to happen folks! Let me repeat... this is solely for your entertainment - do not send them any money and do not believe this trash.

Another classic scam was the Steorn magnetic motor/generator. There was a popular video showing it running. You couldn't buy one but he was accepting "investors" aka SUCKERS. This went on for many years and he took in millions. Every time he was supposed to do a demo in front of people, it didn't work. He would blame it on things like the lighting in the room. Eventually, he just closed up his shop. Never, never, never give money to these rip off artists who can never come up with a product that is sellable to the public.

Feel free to go back and read some of my newsletters (table of contents). I only report on technology that is real and workable by everyday folks like you and me. You'll find no pie in the sky free energy nonsense on my sites. Just real technology that anybody can reproduce like solar ovens, solar heating, methane digesters, biodiesel, genverter systems, ethanol, etc. Sometimes I do report on technology like the technology from Nikola Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin, but that is stuff that they actually accomplished and is real. It may not be reproducible by you and me, but it is real none the less. For some real technology that you can put to good use in 2008, get one of these books TODAY...

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