How you can do an Electric Car Conversion for under $500 bucks...

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Why do an Electric Car Conversion anyways? Are You Struggling with High Gasoline Prices? $$$

Watch this video of one of our favorite actors in his now famous electric car... Tom Hanks- on guilt free cruising in his electric car.

...or this is Tom on the David Letterman show talking about Electric car conversions, hybrids and our future...

The 3 best reasons Why you should begin with your own Electric Car Conversions

Why would you choose to do an electric car conversion instead of buying one? Or even buying a hybrid car, or what about the hydrogen car, the so called car that runs on water? It doesn't matter if you live in Canada, the United States, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, FELECTRIC CAR CONVERSIONrance, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, or any other country on Earth, this just works.

Reason #1 – More Power Output per Dollar Invested!

Over the past 10 years our family (Les Oke) has explored every renewable energy option available to run a vehicle and after extensive research we have concluded that learning how to do electric car conversion offers the most promise for the future. We have done the water car conversion (it doesn't provide near the output we were promised) and it isn't nearly as easy as learning how to build an electric car.

The output of power from a hydrogen generator in the water car application is dismal. It would, in fact take thousands of gallons of water to run your car for even one day! Compare that preposterous idea with an electric car and this option wins hands down.

That one comparison is a huge factor in our decision to promote the building of electric cars instead of hydrogen generators, as some do. We have tried both and know that the fastest way to get set up with renewable energy for your car is with electric. Nearly any vehicle can be converted.

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Reason #2 - Save Thousands of Dollars!

When we first started out looking at the options to produce renewable energy for our car we started shopping for hybrid electric vehicles. Yes, we thought we would just entertain the option of purchasing our own hybrid car.electric car motor But, wo the prices! They were outrageous, the least expensive package we could find was in the area of $40,000 and we just couldn't see ourselves spending that kind of cash.

For this family that was a lot of money, we decided to find out if it was possible to do our own electric car conversion. After about 10 years of research we can finally answer that it is definitely possible for the average family to build an electric car of their own and save thousands of dollars.

Definitely this is a better option for us, it turned into a real family project and we had a lot of fun too.

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Reason #3 - Electric Cars are Visually Appealing!

A well built, well planned electric car conversion looks great rolling down the highway. I have personally never seen a water fuelled car that looked half as good as any homemade electric car we have built, or any of the hundreds of families who have used these plans either.

When I sit at the stoplight, the car not making a sound, or using any energy, and I look around at all those smog producing gas vehicles just spitting out fumes it makes me smile. We did a good job, and the acceleration… nobody will ever take you off the line in town with an electric car, not even the fastest motorcycle!

Those are 3 pretty good reasons to do your own electric car conversions with our electric car plans, you will no doubt find even more reasons as you build your own.

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Bill Anderson