How an ElectroMagnetic Pulse can Ruin Your Day...

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An ElectroMagnetic Pulse could wipe out our electrical system as we know it.

Well... I just wanted to touch base with you and share with you some of the responses I received from the email I sent out about EMPs. Most people believed what I said in the email and what was shared in the video. Others thought I was seriously deranged and had mental problems - and they were nice enough to inform me of that fact. Some thought the EMP technology did not even exist. Several others were relying on God to protect them or that it will be just the expected second coming of Christ or the end of the world. Note... God helps those who help themselves.

I'm here to tell you... this technology does exist. If you don't believe me, just read this email I received from a Russian reader of my newsletter...

"Hmm William, 
It is actually exist.
Called neutron bomb. Invented in early 80's to preserve the building and facilities but eliminate the protein based organics with nervous system. Creates a short radiation flash with peak of 6000Roentgen/hour. The electromagnetic pulse is more powerful than atomic bomb but less than thermonuclear. I haven't seen the tests with my own eyes but in university on military faculty they were providing us with the results of those experiments. Metal shielding is not helping against neutrons. Surprisingly the best again those proven to be polyethylene (thick industrial type). I have some tables of comparison but they are in Russian.

Well from big things to small one. Even in our uni we had a pitch generator able to blackout a building for a while. If you need a continuous blocking of radio equipment plus negative influence on the organic beings(humans, animals, insects) the magnetron can be used as a generator and dish antenna as a pointer. We were  using a small wide range device to block the local radio transmitter, Wi-Fi, etc.

Btw. I am Russian, that is why the existence of such weapons is not surprising me at all.

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Here's another email I got today from the same person...

"Hi William,
Well I wrote that response :) Thanks for publishing it.
Btw any RADAR is EMP itself. Example "Groza" RADAR that is installed on most of the Soviet transport aircrafts. Hmm 15 kilos of weight (anyhow You won't need a display and calculation blocks  while using it in EMP mode). It is no problem of getting this piece of equipment on aircraft cemetery. It beams pulses, 20kW per pulse. You won't kill the person from one pulse but couple hundreds of those from the close distance will make woman sterile (all the non released eggs will die), and definitely causing a serious harm to  a blood red cells as well as to the bone marrow. The most ugly part, You will not know about it on the spot. The changes will happen only months sometimes years later. And no one will be able to explain the reason of sudden blood cancer or drop weakening of immune system. That is a scary stuff. If You would like I can share some more on EMP around us and the way it gets to us.
Best Regards,

And here's another email from another reader...

"Dear mr anderson,
I am having trouble loading the EMP video, yet if EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse then I can only conclude that your 2001 time table probably could be adjusted back considerably. The electromagnetic pulse was first noted at Los alamos in 1945 and has been studied as well as weponized in ever increasing method of use and control ever since. I became aware of it's use in airburst detonation of thermonuclear Wepons in 1977 when in training to carry multiple cruise missles each with multiple warheads to a railways point at the edge of soviot airspace and hover there for up to 36 hours at a time before being relieved by a incoming Buff with a similar weapon load and order package. Most believe the bull they are fed such as airburst is done to maxamize the blast destruction and this is very good "logical sounding" bullshit. The true reasons for air bursting thermonuclear devices are as follows. A. Kill as many of the enemy population as possible. Air burst will spread radiation both at detonation and even to greater multiples in spreading fallout causing slow agonizing death hundreds of mile away. B. EMP a ground detonation will have an EMP affect only a few mile from ground 0, depending on terrain and whether. A air burst at 10000ft while doing less obvious physical damage will kill all electrical and unshielded electronics for hundreds or thousands of square miles. This puts most citizens back in the stone age with a poisonous radio cloud spreading and settling into every nook and crook. Net effect, trap the rodont then poison him until he bleeds out while leaving as much infrastructure enact as possible to be utilized as possible as radiation levels decrease with time. This was the mindset during the 40years of cold war during which for the majority of each day this planet was at all times within 5 minutes of udder and complete destruction...."

If you don't believe them, then some simple google searches will provide the information needed. Just a quick search produced this from the popular How Stuff Works website...

But if you still want to stick your head in the sand, you seriously can't deny the fact that extreme solar flares exist and have actually struck the Earth in our recent past history. I did a newsletter on this phenomena too...

I was just watching a documentary on the History Channel a few days ago about the Dark Ages. This was a period that spanned 100's of years starting somewhere around 476 AD. What caught my eye was the total chaos, war, riots, vandalism, looting, and other events that went on in this crazy period. People just moved out of the cities and went into survival mode in the countryside. Some tried to survive honestly and others relied on more sinister means of survival for themselves and their family. I'm sure you understand. And it was not caused by solar flares or anything like that... it was caused by an almost complete lack of government due to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The similarities of the Dark Ages and what could happen today are eerie. So... with riots the norm in countries like Greece and Spain, wars and governments being overthrown all over the globe, do you think you just might experience a little rioting and looting? Especially with a 16 Trillion national debt and a government ready to fall off the fiscal cliff?

In my opinion, this EMP Survival guide and accompanying bonuses is not only for an EMP attack - it's just a simple survival guide in case of any type of emergency. I urge you to watch the video again - I know it's time consuming, but at the end of the short 15 minutes, you'll have the option to purchase their inexpensive survival package that will help you and your family get through just about any crisis... manmade or natural.

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Bill Anderson