What kind of components will I need to buy?

We tell you about several options for power generation in the book, just one of which is diesel generators. But not just any diesel generators - NO SIR! We'll tell you where you can pick them up dirt cheap and we also tell you how to store power so none is wasted and you don't have to run the generator but a few hours each day, if that much. Diesels use 1/4 the fuel that a gas engine does and they last 10 times as long, so you can see why they are necessary. You'll have to read the book to find out the other options that might be better for your particular situation. You'll also read about the other components that are absolutely necessary to set up your own power generation system.

How much will a system cost?

That depends on your needs. This system is very, very flexible. You can set up a very cheap and quiet system without a generator to just get you past the blackouts or you can set up a system to run just the stuff you need or you can set up a system to run your entire house or business. Depending on what you buy, the price can range anywhere from $500 on up to many thousands of dollars. For instance, we tell you where you can pick up a pre-configured system, ready to plug in and go, for around $7000. This system puts out a maximum of 12kw of power! Now that's a lot of juice! Of course you can start out with a small system and add components to expand it as you can afford them. And... don't forget, the value of your home will increase with one of these systems installed, so it's more of an investment not an expense. We don't include any information on solar panels, hydro, or wind power because those systems are still too expensive for the little amount of power they put out.

How much noise will the system make?

If you just set up a system to get you past blackouts - none. If you buy a generator, the generator will only be run an hour or two every day, if that much. And there are ways to enclose the system to make it run more quiet. You will probably make more noise with your lawn mower or leaf blower or swimming pool pump than you will with one of these systems. Also... we have the latest information on home fuel cells - these systems make no noise at all!

How many pages are in the book?

Approximately 115 pages 8.5x11 size... but we don't double space paragraphs or use large type or print only on one side of the page or have any unnecessary pictures to make the book "seem" bigger. There is a lot of great information crammed into these 115 pages. We only provide good, detailed information - not unnecessary filler.

How much work do I need to do to keep the system running?

Not much... but that does depend on how you set it up. I told you that the system is very, very flexible. And one of the configurable options is how "automatic" the system is. Your system can be anywhere from 100% manual to 100% automatic and anywhere inbetween.

How big is this system?

Again... that depends on your particular setup. It can range from very small to a system that would take up a 10x10 room or space. We also tell you about some options like fuel cells that make no noise and take up very, very little room. And we also tell you about a new Stirling Engine generator that is very quiet and small and co-generates heat and electricity. Needless to say, it is highly efficient.

Can I set the system up myself?

That depends on your abilities. It's not hard, anybody with just a little bit of technical ability can do it. I do highly recommend that you hire an electrician to tie the system into your house though. There are all kinds of building codes you have to conform to and only a licensed electrician should do this part.

Is this a secure site?

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Bill Anderson