LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reaction...

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Update 2018: I originally wrote this article in 2012 and NOTHING has changed since then. He is still promising that manufacturing will begin soon and his projects are steeped in mystery and secrecy. THESE ARE HUGE RED FLAGS of a scam, so caution is advised.

Some say LENR technology is cold fusion come back to life. Others say it is something totally different. Some say it is just another scam and others say it is very real. I say it is probably a little of both... real technology andrea rossi with a core group of real scientists working on a solution along with some scammers trying to take advantage of the public who are greedy and desperate for free energy of any kind. But I thought it was real enough and had enough potential to help out the small homeowner that I would tell you about it.

So... what exactly is LENR?

A guy named Andrea Rossi has been getting most of the publicity lately with his e-cat device which they describe this way... "E-Cat is short for the term "energy catalyzer" and is a device in which hydrogen gas, powdered nickel metal, and undisclosed proprietary catalysts are combined to produce a large amount of heat through a little understood low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) process inside a specially designed chamber."

Now... Rossi is also well known to have some run ins with the law in Italy. So he isn't the most credible LENR spokesperson. But a recent article in Popular Science magazine goes into great detail about Rossi's LENR technology. At the very least, it's a good introductory article on the LENR technology. Maybe you'll see a LENR device in your backyard sometime soon - don't get your hopes up! Not saying he is a scammer, but that's how scammers work - make promise after promise and delay after delay. I've seen many hundreds of them come and go. What I find interesting about Rossi is he "supposedly" has already sold one of his larger e-cats to an "undisclosed" military entity. And he says he is in production of home units as we speak. Maybe, maybe not - I'll beleive it when I see it!

Here's the article for your enjoyment...

For further reading on LENR technology, here's just three websites I found interesting. There's much more info available out there if you just do a simple google search...


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