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Electricity - Make It, Don't Buy It is a great way for the homeowner to do something now with hardware and techniques that are available today. It is a smart way to take advantage of someone's expertise and send you right to where you want to be: generating your own electricity after investing a moderate amount of effort and money in something that definitely works. The guesswork has been removed. All you have to do is follow in the author's footsteps. 
-- Ken Rauen - Science Advisor PES Network Inc. and Founding member of New Energy Congress

Hi Bill,

I browsed through your book. Very nice job! don't sell yourself short as 
a writer. You presented the material in a very readable way.  This is 
definitely my subject. You talked about the resonant devices.  I am an 
HAM radio operator, so I have built many crystal radios, radio antenna 
tuners, simple low power transmitters. All resonant circuits using 
inductors.  It look likes you have done a very good job of researching 
your material. Everything that I have read, so far, is right on!  When I 
have read through your book more thoroughly, I will put a separate page, 
and a review there on my website. We should talk about some of the lower 
level ways that people can make their own electricity. For example, one 
weekend I went on a desert camping trip where I was doing quite a lot of 
digital photography. I rigged up a small photovoltaic system for 
recharging my camera batteries. This was extremely crucial to the 
success of that expedition, and it worked perfectly.  Thanks again.

Doug Edwards (solar oven cooking site)

"...the book is quite nicely put together and is undoubtedly valuable to those who have no knowledge of these systems..."     Terrance K., Seattle, WA

"Great book, I want to buy another. Enclosed you will find my check..." 
                                                                                      Keith M., San Francisco, CA

I thought your book was fantastic. I have a newspaper with 50,000 circulation... is it OK to put an ad in the newspaper to sell your book?"      Karen W., Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you for this amazing opportunity!" Dr Jacob T, Columbia, MD

"My name is Stan. I received your letter. I like it. Enclosed is a money order for the book. If I want to buy more books, I can let you know. Have a great day!"      Stan Z., Cullman, AL

"Thanks a million for sending me order#525 of your very timely and important super book Electricity - Make it Don't Buy it. Everyone, everywhere, Nationally and World Wide are having trouble getting enough electric power for even their basic everyday needs - even at any price - and the acute shortage and prices are skyrocketing every month... so everyone will suffer if they do not find a practical solution right away. The right positive answers are in your super book. So everyone including myself and my huge family want to get in on the ground floor..."     Ronald K., Las Vegas, NV

"I have been selling and installing systems like you describe in your book for about 10 years now. You're right... solar, wind, and hydro don't give you much power for the cost. Other books go about it in a complicated way - your book describes how to figure a system's size in a way that anybody can understand. Good job!"    Harold S., Bozeman, MT

"Hi Bill, I ordered and received your book on electricity. It was extremely interesting. I'm still thinking about trying to distribute it but I'm just not getting to it. In the meantime you might be interested in this flyer. It will give you a list of opportunity seekers who pay to get on the list. Worth a try. Thanks again for the book." Darl S., Stevensville, MT

"Dear Bill, I appreciate your speed in getting my book to me. I will be trying to find someone to help me with this electrical 'set-up'. I lived in Idaho with an electrical engineer + all we had was a 'set-up' similar to this. He had worked for the R.R. and used old R.R. batteries. He's dead now, but I'm sure I can find someone to help me... I'm interested in spreading the word with books and if and when I can find someone to help in the actual assembling of units." Sincerely, Dolly N., TN

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Bill Anderson