Thrive - The Movie...

Dear Friend:

Have you seen this "Thrive" video yet? It was originally published in November 2011 by Foster Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble family. It's extremely well produced and there is a whole "Thrive Movement" behind the movie. I guess I am behind the times a bit as I didn't watch it till a few months ago and I try to keep up on alternative energy stuff.

I think it is informative enough to take a look at it, but there is a lot of discussion on the web about it being a scam. If it is a scam, it is one of the most elaborate scams I have ever seen. Some of the characters in the video even claimed they were deceived about how the finished video was going to be used.

Scam or not, I do agree with a lot of what the Gambles say in the video. As a follower of alternative energy news, I found their alternative energy information lacking though. Basically their website has links to all the old alternative energy sites out on the web with not much new to offer. The general energy concepts in the video are worth the time to watch though.

They do sell products on the website and they accept "donations", so do your due diligence before sending anybody like this any money.

I think the video has some really cool ideas and puts it all together in a way that makes it easy to understand what is really going on in the world today -- especially in the areas of one world governments and free energy cover ups. Check it out for yourself! If nothing else, it's very entertaining (Note - this is a full length movie just over 2 hours in length, so watch it when you get the time or instead of a TV show)...


Bill Anderson