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This month's newsletter is about Victory Gardens... a little bit of a history lesson and why you should consider starting your own Victory Garden today. Victory Gardens were promoted by the US Government back during World War II due to food rationing, labor shortages, and transportation problems. There was not enough fresh fruits and vegetables to go around. So... over 20 million Victory Gardens were planted resulting in 9-10 million tons of fresh produce during the war years.

After the war was over, people stopped planting gardens. There were some shortages the first year or two, but eventually the markets were full of fresh produce again. And things have been relatively the same ever since. But there are reasons why you may want to consider planting your own Victory Garden in these uncertain times...victory gardens

  • With today's modern farming techniques, you are literally "eating fossil fuels". Over the past 60 years, world grain production has increased 250%. That may sound great at first, but it was accomplished mainly with fossil fuels... fossil fuel based fertilizers and pesticides, fuel for machinery and transportation, irrigation, crop drying, packaging, and other processing.
  • Today's price of oil is artificially low... you all know about Peak Oil, so you should understand that the modern agricultural scene is NOT sustainable. I believe the current (2009) low price of oil is not simply a result of supply/demand forces. The oil companies saw that everybody was turning to greener alternatives and they wanted to put a stop to it. When people have access to cheap oil, they forget all about alternatives and conservation. So all the companies trying to develop alternatives or sell alternatives to fossil fuels end up having financial difficulties and the research & development stops. Most of them go out of business, the competition is squashed, and the price of oil goes back up.
  • Due to the use of fossil fuels, the US agricultural system uses 10 times more energy than it produces in food energy.
  • Due to unsustainable farming practices, topsoil is eroding 30 times faster than it's natural replacement rate.
  • An acre of corn requires 500,000 gallons of water per season. We all know about the severe water shortages last year - is this sustainable?
  • The US population is expected to grow by 150 million by 2050. Currently, the US is a major exporter of food. By 2025, the US is expected to cease exporting food to other nations due to domestic needs. This will cause starvation throughout the world.
  • Several studies have shown that if a sustainable agricultural system were put into place in the US, it could only sustain about 200 million people. With a current population of over 305 million, does anyone want to volunteer to jump off a cliff? It might be better than starving to death.
  • Growing your own organic vegetables and fruits are much more nutritious than mass produced produce grown on depleted land and fed "food" made out of fossil fuels. Modern crops are picked too early, are sprayed with preservatives, refrigerated for long periods, and artificially ripened.
  • Organically grown foods are higher in anti-oxidants and trace minerals and taste better.
  • You can save money by growing your own food - who doesn't want to save money in this economy!? And it's fun and a lot of good exercise too!
  • Did you know that about 75% of the food in the US is or contains genetically modified foods? Did you know that these "GMOs" do not even have to be labeled? Did you know that no long term human health studies have been done on these GMO foods? Do you want to eat corn that a worm does not want to eat? I'll be honest with you... I was not aware of any of this. I though that GMOs had to be labeled. I guess I was wrong! They sure slipped that one in on me!
  • If it's not a GMO, then it probably has more pesticide and herbicide residues on it. So, what's better for you... pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs?
  • I once heard of the big agricultural giant Monsanto suing a small farmer because he infringed on their GMO corn patent. Seems their GMO corn cross pollinated with his non-GMO corn and they somehow "discovered" it and sued him for patent infringement. Seems the small farmer should be doing the suing. But if a giant with deep pockets like Monsanto sues you, you basically have to do what that want because you can't afford to make a 15 minute call to your lawyer much less defend yourself in a full blown, expensive lawsuit.

If this is not enough to convince you to plant your own Victory Garden, then I don't know what is! Victory Gardens can be planted just victory gardensabout anywhere... your yard, vacant lots, rooftops, etc. If you don't know how to go about it, I have put together a collection of 9 eBooks that will tell you everything you need to know and then some. You can get all 9 eBooks plus the two free bonuses for the one low price of $29.95. The titles include...

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